Gary Haynes

About Me

Thank you for joining me at my website. I am glad you are here if you’re in need of professional real estate services or if you are just curious about the market.

I look forward to helping you in either case. I am an Annapolis and Anne Arundel County based Realtor who has been in the business for about fifteen years. Previously to that, I was in Financial Services Executive Management. I do residential real estate because it takes advantage of my background and serves what I like to do, help people. The web is a very important part of my business and I invest heavily in it. I can also be found at My continuing education is extremely important to me so that I can provide you the best information possible. I love where I live, my city, my friends and most importantly, my beautiful wife and amazing three children. I look forward to helping you. I have a passion for real estate.

SERVICE BEFORE, AFTER, AND DURING A TRANSACTION – From first home to retirement home.  My Business is 100% referral based!